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InterART providescomplete restoration services provided by a seasoned, European trainedartisan who has an intimate understanding of old world techniques and traditions that are so crucial for successful restorations. 

We specializein Boulle marquetry furniture, and other types of inlays from the 17th,18th, and 19th centuries. Each restoration is performedutilizing the knowledge and techniques of the old masters, and wheneverpossible, using the same tools and materials*. Animal protein based gluesare used to match the adhesives used in the original piece while respectingthe deontological obligation of reversibility. 

All missingpieces are replicated in minute detail. Every piece is hand cut using thesame precious woods* or other rare materials* the original piece was constructedfrom. When required, we will match the original engraving of the pieceby imitating, as closely as possible, the style of the original engraver.Missing bronze ornaments and decorative moldings are replaced by castingnew pieces, hand finishing them and gild when appropriate. 

We also handleother types of restoration work by utilizing the finest experts in theirrespective fields as the need arises. 

Our idea ofsuccessful restoration is when the finished piece looks like it never neededrestoration in first place, but has been lovingly kept in one family forgenerations. 

To show thatantiques can be brought back from almost complete ruin, samples of ourwork are supplied for your perusal. 
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  of this restoration.
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For more information,or if you would like to contact us, our address is: 

P.O. Box 34046
Highland Hills
N2N 3G2

Our email addressis: interart@mnsi.net and our phonenumber is: (519) 579-8608. 

*Dueto endangered species laws, some materials can only be obtained from salvagedpieces -- thus supply is very limited, substitutes may have to be used. 

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