View of box before restoration
    View of marquetry before the restoration.

    This door of an 18th century cabinet illustrates a typical problem. Over time, the solid core door panel dried, shrank and (because of its cross-bracing), cracked. This in turn cracked the exterior veneer and as a result, pieces of inlay was lost. This was repaired in the past at some point but very unprofessionally.

    The “petals” of the flower were beyond repair. The only way to restore the former glory of this piece was to replace all petals to make the repair appear uniform. Please note how tightly the parts of the inlay fit together. 

View of box after restoration
View of marquetry after restoration.

The door panel has been consolidated and the gap filled with wood. New pieces of inlay were cut from same wood as the original, hot sand shaded and precisely fitted together. Note that we only replaced what was needed, the rest of the flower was left in its original condition. For clarity of detail, the restoration pictured here is before any staining and finishing was applied.

Finished restoration.

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