View of box before restoration
View of petite commode before restoration.
    Veneer on this mid 18th century “petite commode” was lifting everywhere with many pieces missing. This is common problem to veneered furniture. The restoration procedure is to find all the places where the veneer is loose, clean up all of the old crystallized glue and re-glue the veneer. This is done using the same type of hide glue used in its original construction. New veneer was cut from a block of corresponding wood and the missing pieces of veneer replaced.  
View of box after restoration
View of petite commode after restoration.
As you can see, after the “aging” and finishing of the new parts, the repair is absolutely invisible. The rest of the finish has only been revitalized. As a result of this restoration, the life expectancy of this little treasure has been extended for another 250 years.


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