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Aside from our 30 day return policy as described in section 1 of  the "General Information" page, InterART disclaims the following: 

The property offered, its authenticity, condition and age is not byany means guaranteed by InterART. Items are listed on behalf of private or institutional sellers or dealers and the Buyer must satisfy themselves about the authenticity, age and condition of each item prior to purchase. Terms used in the listing are descriptions supplied by owner and therefore do not bear any legal warranties of condition, age or authenticity. 

InterART accepts the property for listing in the capacity of Agent forthe Seller. 

No statement made in listing is legally binding on InterART. 

Items are taken for listing in good faith that they are legally ownedby the person who is offering them for sale. 

We take no responsibility for the accuracy of appraisals or authentications, nor for the quality of restorations. 

InterART will not be held legally responsible in case of default byeither party before or after a deal is signed. 

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