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It is up to the Buyer to satisfy themselves as to the condition andauthenticity of items offered for sale prior to purchase. If additional information or a clarification of the terms is required, InterART will request these particulars from the Seller on the Buyer's behalf. To safeguard against misrepresentation, a period of 30 days is set aside (after shipping documents are received by InterART) to give the Buyer an opportunity to have the item(s) authenticated by his or her own experts. If the item isnot as described, the purchase price will be refunded (providing that the item is returned in same condition as it was shipped). A signed authentication report must be submitted as part of proof and the experts providing the opinion must be acceptable to InterART. 

Before the item is shipped, the Buyer is required to send to InterART full payment (including disbursements and all taxes where applicable) by the way of Bank Money Order or by direct wire deposit into InterART's account. If additional security is required, a "Letter of Credit" can be used (this means that the Bank will hold the money until the transaction is completed). In this case, please use the "Pro FormaDocumentary Credit" form supplied. 

All items are shipped "EXW" (on Buyers risk and expense). Item will be made available to the Buyers shipper at the Seller's premises or storage location. However, if requested by the Buyer, InterART can either assistwith or completely look after these arrangements and the Buyer will be billed for incurred expenses and services rendered. 

All inquires should be made by e-mail to interart@mgl.ca


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