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Mayan Clay Vessel.

Description: A round bottomed Mayan clay vessel, it's bulbous shape of pinkish earthen colour is decorated with red ochre stripes on the body and around the neck. This vessel is from now dispersed collection of Andrew J. Gagliano, Chief Warrant Machinist Of the US Navy, (Retired). The collection was excavated in Panama between 1960-72 and then apparently loaned to University of Michigan where it was on display for many years. While there, it was also carbon dated by the Peabody Institute, confirming that the pottery in this collection dates between twenty-five to forty-five hundred years ago. This vessel is sold with a copy of the letter by Mr. Gagliano outlining the origins of his collection. Circa 1000 years BC. 

Condition: The vessel is in excellent condition. 

Dimensions: Vessel is 4" (10 cm) high. 

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